Baking & decorating
Cake decoration’s and bakery decoration ingredients. In our assortment we have: - Sugar figurines (for various occasions: Easter, Christmas, Valentines, Birthday, Children’s Party, New Year), - Sprinkles (round, “vermicelli”, sugar coated extrusion, stars, flowers, etc. – different sizes and colours), - Paper baking moulds for Easter cakes, kekses and muffins, - Extrusion products: colorful rice, - Functional cereal extrusion: wheat, spelt, corn, rice, rye, - Edible printed wafer: wafer flowers, wafer butterflies, - Edible paper: wafer cake tops (various designs for every possible occasion), - Fondant icing, - Fondant sugar paste, - Edible lace ready-to-use paste, - Food coloring gels, - Confectionery gels, - Molds for preparing sugar lace, - Silicone molds.